If you are looking for produce for a party, need larger quantities for a restaurant, wholesale veg or flowers for a village or farm shop. Want to be absolutely sure to get that sourdough loaf for a special lunch, There are a million ways to get in touch.

If its urgent I suggest a text to 07584080663 This is because I'm often out of WIFI range in the garden.

For all enquiries that you can manage to wait a day so for a reply please use the contact form 

 If you follow the patch on Facebook you could message be via FB messenger and if all that fails Twitter or Instagram! its amazing I have any time at all to do ANY work!!

If you are a bride looking for DIY wedding flowers I very much suggest you arrange a visit to the garden and I can show you whats available from my folders as well as give you a flavour of the sort of flowers we grow.

Chefs... you tricky bunch... I am always happy to discuss ways of working with restaurants however you need to come with an open mind and a creative outlook, We don't grow commodities and produce is seasonal. if you want to build a relationship around seasonality, taste and community then bring it on ,, If you want strawberries in January and asparagus in August then best you go elsewhere!!