On Fridays you will find me in Waitrose car park in Henley selling my wares. There is a little bit (or a lot in August) of everything good that's come from the garden and the very busy kitchen, I will have been up since way before even the craziest lark baking delicious sourdough bread, brioche, pretzels and brownies, biscuits and cakes. Our most treasured friend Sarah will have appeared in the kitchen at 5 or 6 to help pack salad, pick the last of the veg in the busiest of the high summer days and generally offer seamless moral support. I usually screech into my spot at around 10am always chaotic, nearly always forgetting something crucial but we do get there! If you haven't already found us please do drop by.  I love meeting my customers many of whom have become friends and am happy to share a moment and talk about all the wonders of the garden and the alchemy of flour water and salt. And yes i do do a rye bread and its yeast free too! 

If you can't manage a whole week without veg and bread then don't forget that the Shed @ Swiss Farm is open every day in the summer and I bake an extra batch of sourdough on a Tuesday.